I’ve always felt a connection to the natural world.  I have spent my adult years in the Southern Rockies.  Most of it west of the continental divide.  I adventured on the West Side  as a science teacher, hiker, runner, backpacker, snowshoer… you get the picture.  The mountains were my playground.  Then we moved to the east side of the divide.  My children, getting too big to tote around in my mountainous playground and our lives too busy to get out on my own much, I had to slow down, to enjoy my playground with my kids.  My playground, the Ponderosa forests surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park, became my spiritual retreat. I am forever grateful to my children for slowing me down, for turning my playground into my church.  I meander, wander, stop lots, listen more.  You will find here tidbits of what I encounter in the wild: some flora, some fauna, some kids, some seasonal records,  and some thinking.  Enjoy.


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