ss: 7.6.11

I am accepting the Juniper tree as my plant teacher.  When I sit amongst  his/her boughs, there is an energy that keeps me, that accepts my wandering mind and soul and quiets them.  It happened again last night as I set out with a different mind set: stop running deep into the woods in search of escape; remain closer to the community and find a bridge between civilization and wilderness.  A gesture of acceptance for what challenges me.

In this new but old spot the Junipers called me to their perch, just above a den that has hidden sleeping wild creatures.  They sheltered me as I peered out from their feathered branches into the meadows and the gulch.  A robin hopped along the creekside, looking for worms after a hard afternoon rain.  And then as the light darkened to grey, I turned my focus to the little meadow — the place where the fox darted weeks ago.  And there came a bobcat, silently plodding along, out for the hunt.  It was but a two second glimpse into his life, but it felt private.  It is a powerful feeling to remain hidden from the wild creatures that know so much more about the forest and its inhabitants than we do.


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