ss 7.3.11

Today as I approached my sit spot, with an attention to being invisible, I happened upon a hummingbird harassing a ground squirrel.  I wondered why a hummingbird would care about a ground squirrel, and felt humbled by how little I understand.  Everything is connected.

Across the meadow a weasel spotted me.  He stood up on his hind legs and watched me as I watched him.  Eventually, he determined I wasn’t significant and carried on, down the meadow out of my sight.  I feel that weasels are trying to teach me something.  Our paths keep crossing.  I’ll have to think on that.

I sat in the quiet and listened to the cicadas clicking and buzzing.  The forest was alive with sound.  Something I’d never heard before called from across the creek.  A bird I thought, but perhaps not.  I am still a little tormented by hearing something I can’t see, but my skills are not developed enough, yet, to track down the source.  My learning is just in becoming familiar with the sounds, creating my own library of forest noises.  There will be many years to make connections.

I walked through a strong new odor.  Upon reflection, I am proud to be noticing smells.  Indeed my awareness grows.

I brought home the currants with the white umbrella like clusters of flowers.  I think they are black currants, but the ID isn’t certain.  I’ll have to note their location and watch for the fruits.


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