a hairy fellow

The two harbingers of spring in these parts are the Mountain Bluebird and the Pasque Flower (Prairie Crocus).  Bluebirds are tough to miss: an impossible blue, a merry flight, a preference for open land where they are easy to spot.  And when you see one, you will see many.  Bluebirds announce the arrival of spring with song, dance and celebration.

The Pasque flower, on the other hand, represents the quieter side of spring.  To notice this hairy little fellow, quite modest in its early days, one must walk slowly.  Perhaps it’s my fondness for plants, or perhaps it’s an appreciation for the humbler side of spring, or perhaps it’s just the anticipation — the slow daily walks with an attention to the details.  Regardless of the source of my admiration, my first spotting of this early-bird crocus brings me a quiet delight, a celebration of the heart.   The boys enjoy the hunt too; and they celebrate, for a fleeting quiet moment.


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