two worlds

Yesterday we watched a water glider skitter around in fresh snow melt.  Water gliders make me think of summer.  Wow.

We didn’t have to travel far, though, to forget those thoughts.  Just inside RMNP there’s still deep snow.  While there was sunshine and short sleeves at home,  in the park snow was whirling up high; down low it was still gloves and hat weather.  We visited my favorite quick winter stop: the Cub Lake trail head.  A frozen river, big river-worn rocks, and a short walk guarantee an easy good time.  We could stay for hours doing nothing more than throwing rocks and breaking ice.  I don’t know if it gets any better for a few boys that need to blow off some steam and a mama at the end of her day.

With the boys’ tired out from lifting and tossing, they slowed down a bit and we started seeing the world as opposed to just rushing through it –it’s always good to take care of bodies first then minds.  The bright colors of the willow were in stark contrast to a day of browns and grays.

On our way out of the park we got the grand show: bull elk congregating in Horseshoe Park and bighorn sheep along Fall River Road.  We played tourist and stopped along side the road to watch.  We also spotted a magpie nest and bluebirds flitting about all over Moraine Park.  Even with whirling snow, spring has sprung in the park.


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