This weekend we were skiing out our front door in 18 inches of fluff. Today the sun overwhelmed us on our early morning walk. There are some crazy days ahead, no doubt. I have complained before. But, actually, I am developing quite a fondness for spring in the mountains– the blue sky days as well as the snows and winds. What I look forward to most in these next months is the slow emergence of life. There will be no fields of color springing up, no green canopies. In the mountains, that is the stuff of summer. Here admiring spring requires a slow step, a faithful heart, an observant eye. It is the season that finds me bent over with field guides in hand, persistently looking for the next bit of life to emerge. Spring, though fierce and showy in the skies, is so humble on the earth.

Today, on this first day of March, my eyes were lifted from the earth. We were gifted with a pair of Golden Eagles circling over the rock we call Shaman. Even E-man, whose soul has been noisy and mind busy as of late, stayed behind a little longer while his brothers and I were pushed on by growling bellies. Yes indeed, what a gift.


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