back to the forest

The boys have been flitting about in the woods while I’ve been elsewhere.  Today, we wandered together again.  They were climbing rocks as usual, while I listened to the sounds of the forest.  There’s so much to notice right now.  The Pasque flowers had G-man running from one side of the woods to the other and back again, over and over, as he ran from flower to flower exclaiming, “Here’s another one! And another one!”  We spotted a little cluster of phlox, the second flowering plant of the season for us.

Up in the trees the nuthatches were making quite a ruckus.  Not sure whether that’s about mating and nesting, but perhaps it is because I spotted a female White Breasted Nuthatch hard at work in a woodpecker cavity, decking out her new home.  We’ll have to keep an eye on it to see what happens.

The Rocky Mountain Juniper cones have just begun to appear.  Little fleshy yellow bulbs adorn the tips of the male plants.  I don’t know much about the reproductive life of the juniper, but it warrants further investigation.  I didn’t notice anything happening on the female junipers yet, just lingering berries from the previous crop.

This spring has been good to us.


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