something to get excited about

After wild winter weather and the needs of a new baby, we’re reconnecting with Forest School in earnest  — finding the right balance between fostering community and honoring the kids’ need to just play freely and imaginatively in the woods.

Today we did some rearranging of the forest to create a little place to gather.  It was amazing how our forest remodel brought us together and kept us together for just the right amount of community time before heading off to play.

The play that happens here makes me so happy.  E-man came home from the forest and drew up plans for the fairy houses that will be built next week.  There are knights and kings, mountain lions and bears, hunters and superheros, and countless other characters and scenarios that I miss, which color our days in the woods.  It is a delight to see such rich play go on harmoniously for hours with no implements other than the gifts of mother nature.  I trust, so fully, the old adage, that play is the work of children.  I will undoubtedly be excited when the boys read and add and write stories and multiply, but for now, I am so happy to tell how well they play with sticks and rocks.  The alphabet is a given. These times we live in, play is something to get excited about.


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