ephemeral building

Our journey to the forest took on a different tone today. With some of the “big” kids missing, we put our construction efforts on hold for a bit to do some exploring. Although with E-man as company, building is a reoccurring theme. We can’t ever really put construction on hold. As we left our forest school space, we traveled with the river, through a narrow valley. It was a magical place that invited exploration. The forest floor, upon close inspection, was covered in moss and pine cones from the spruce, firs and pines–amazingly all present in this small valley

In a little grove of Aspen we paused for a bit to just be in the forest. Industrious E-man was quick to develop a wall-building project (I think he must be kindred spirits with beavers), which, he explained, was to protect the trees from hikers. The wall, however, was in the middle of the trail, not a place to leave a wall. Equally engrossed in the idea of the outcome as the process, I was unsure how I would convince him to dismantle the wall before our departure. While navigating this touchy issue I called upon the work of Andrew Goldsworthy . The result: “ephemeral building”. Build it, capture it, dismantle it. And that is what we did. Here is the capture phase, just before the dismantling phase.


This type of construction is well suited to our environs. Leave No Trace is serious business in the National Park, where we do most of our wandering.

The camera captured E-man’s desire to capture the forest. On our way up the trail we came across a little chickaree busy at work doing what chicakrees do so well. Below, his stash of pine cones as well as the aftermath of his work. img_0065


The other joy of exploring outside the National Park: we came home with pockets full of forest tidbits to investigate this week.

I hope you will find some time to wander in the forest this week, too.


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